About Me

My name is Jeremiah Brooks and I teach chemistry and AP physics at Highland High School.  The 2014/15 school year will be my fifth year teaching high school science.  I went to San Diego State University where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and Master’s Degree in Accountancy.  I have always love physics and chemistry, but I felt that I did not want to work in the confines of a laboratory environment so I decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Accountancy and enter corporate America.

IMG_2154After completing my Master’s Degree I had a desire to learn another language and see more of the world so I moved to Lima, Peru.  I had some Peruvian friends that I had met earlier in my life so I figured what better way to learn another language than to be immersed in another culture.

Peru is a very interesting and diverse country.  With beautiful beaches, the Amazon Jungle,  6,000 + meter mountains covered with glaciers, great food, wonderful people, and of course, one of the seven wonders of the world, the pre-Colombian Incan ruins of Machu Picchu.

I lived in Peru for about a year before returning to the United States. But I returned with much more than memories for a lifetime.  I met, fell in love with and married my beautiful wife Lilian.

While in Peru I began to think about becoming a teacher.  My father had been a kindergarten teacher for 30 years and I have always enjoyed teaching others and working with children.  I came to the realization that if I earned my teaching credential I could teach children the subjects that I love.  I earned my secondary teaching credential right down the road and California State University-Northridge.

I am looking forward to a great year at Highland High School!

Go Dogs!!!


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